May 18, 2012

Preggers on the Interwebs

Posted in Thoughts on Pregnancy at 7:28 am by mikaiya

So I swear, every blogger I read seems to be pregnant at the same time as me. Don’t believe me?

Joy at How Joyful… been reading her since I followed her on WeddingBee
Orangette is due only a month before me. I heart her so.
Creature Gorgeous (another WeddingBee blogger, and a DC local) is due in October, like me, with her second
Rockstar Diaries is pregnant with number two
Baby Knitspot (not Anne, but still)
Good Finking is on her second
Handmade by Alissa, a modern quilter
Feeding the Soil, another second baby
an acquaintance from high school is pregnant with her second- I recommend you read her blog and her amazing story of baby Jackson
Just started reading Modg…and she’s preggers, too
and the most recent announcement I remember seeing

Goodness gracious. I know I’ve missed some of my quilting bloggers, too. Ridic. Talk about something in the water. Thank you ladies, all, for sharing your bump photos, your recipes and advice, and for reminding me how lucky I am to not have a toddler in the house right now!


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